RRM for Insurance Agencies

Strengthen Client Relationships While Building Your Business

Your Agency is the Solution Provider

RRM has developed a special program designed specifically for insurance agencies to provide RRM to their restaurant clients as a value-added service. To highlight your agency's presence, your business logo will be branded on every page of the RRM web site. Client branding is available as well, providing a personalized delivery of RRM content and services through your agency.

By partnering with RRM, you strengthen your client relationships, improve your competitive advantage, and add a distinctive and useful tool to your marketing efforts.

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Loss Control Leverage

In addition to the RRM Risk Library and Educational systems, your clients gain access the following premium services:

Through your partnership with RRM, your agency may qualify to offer your restaurant clients RRM at NO COST, as well as to receive additional valuable benefits.

Simply put, there is no other product in the insurance marketplace, at any price, that offers the services of RestaurantRiskManagement.com.


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