RRM Mobile Assessment

Hazard Prevention Identification and Tracking

Identification of potential risk before an incident occurs can reduce costs associated with the hazard by 50%.

Hazard control can be one of the most cost-effective safety programs a restaurant could institute. To address this need, RRM has created the 21st century solution - hazard assessment on mobile devices.

Until now, self-inspection has been largely a clipboard and pencil excercise with no ability to manage and track the hazards identified. This left the facility with an ineffective system, or no system at all, to ensure hazardous risks were properly listed, reported and remediated. This is how accidents happen.

Flexible, powerful system features:

  • arrow Choose from customizable inspection templates or create your own.
  • arrow Capture, track and report on all unit risks and hazards.
  • arrow Prioritize Action Items.
  • arrow Multi-unit, multi-level design for systemwide management.
  • arrow System uploads to archived database.

RRM Mobile Assessment is the answer.