RRM Vendor Insurance Certification and Tracking Program

Cost-Effective Defense Against Third-Party Claims

certificate of insurance tracking system

Managing and keeping track of vendor insurance certificates can be a challenge to restaurant operators. It is a complicated and often expensive task that adds another burden to your staff. Vendors must be identified, contacted and requests for proof of insurance that complies to your requirements must be sent and followed up on.

And the process repeats itself continually...

Until development of the RRM Certificate of Insurance Management System, the task has been largely manual and involved faxing, snail mail, and frustrated attempts to use OCR scanning software that didn't really work.

Now you can eliminate paper, stamps and headaches with our web-based solution designed to remove this time-consuming, demanding chore from your business.

  • Automated vendor notification, compliance verification and tracking.
  • Real-time compliance status - access your information anytime, anywhere.
  • Get your certificates faster with less effort by all parties.

Don't want to deal with this at all? No problem. Our team of experts will manage the entire process on your behalf, providing you with a seamless transition and prompt, professional service. Ask about our outsourcing program.